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Tech and troubleshooting

  1. What if I change my mind, can I get a refund?

    This is something we need to be really clear about. When you purchase a track, you are requesting that it is made available to you straight away. You lose the right to cancel (or get a refund) once your track is made available for download. Full details of this can be found in our website Terms.

    If you're not sure you've found the right track, why not tag your Favourites or create a Playlist for your project instead? You can quickly download watermarked mp3s of every version of every track, then try them against your project before you buy. Take a look at our guides in the Show me how, show me where FAQ section to get you started.

  2. YouTube say the track I licenced from Oook belongs to someone else! What do I need to do?

    First of all, don't worry! All tracks on Oook Audio belong to us and using them with a licence purchased from us means you are not doing anything wrong. We know that mistaken copyright claims occur with YouTube, most commonly with classical or traditional music that has been recorded many times before. It feels frustrating when it happens, but you can get the claim dropped by countering the claim using your Oook Audio licence for the track.

    For more details about this process, click here

  3. I'm creating a project for a client, how do I transfer my licence?

    When you are purchasing a Pro licence, you can register your client as the licence holder and their details will appear on your licence. You don't need to do anything else, the licence is 'transferred' to them! Please remember to do this when you are purchasing your track licence as you won't be able to add their details later! Because our Everyday licences are already designed to give you lots of flexibility, they are not transferable.

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