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  1. How do I find and edit my personal details?

    Go to the My Account tab after logging in, and you can find and edit all personal details including any financial information we hold on your behalf including bank details and VAT information.

  2. Where can I find my licences?

    Go to the My Account tab after logging in, and you can find the licences for your tracks in the My Licences page.

  3. Where can I find my tracks for download?

    When we process your purchase, we send a receipt email with a download link to the e-mail address you provided. Click the link to directly download your files. If you don't get your download link, please check your "Junk" or "Spam" folder. Or go to the My Account tab after logging in and get your full quality WAV files and your quick download mp3 files on both your My Licences and My Track Downloads pages. Each package is individually zipped (compressed for speedy download).

  4. How do I download track previews?

    On any track, click the 3 dots under Options, then click Download preview in the dropdown menu. You will download the version shown on the page (here it is the Main Mix).

    To download other versions, tick the Track version in the sidebar. The page will refresh to show your chosen version (here it is Underscore).

    Then repeat the download process shown above. Preview files are the highest quality mp3 files but are audio watermarked with our voice of Oook Audio! You can try these files in your project to make sure they work, and when you are happy, simply pop back to the site and purchase the relevant tracks. You'll get WAV and mp3 versions without the audio watermark!

  5. How do I make and add tracks to my own Playlists?

    You need to log in to do this. For your chosen track, click the 3 dots under Options then move your mouse to Add to playlist. You can then click to create a new playlist or add the track to an existing playlist. If you select New playlist, you'll be asked to choose a playlist title.

    You can also create and view all your playlist tracks in your My Playlists page. After logging in, just click My Account then My Playlists in the sidebar. To add new tracks to playlists, just go back to the Library page and choose your tracks as shown above.

  6. How do I add and manage my Favourites?

    You must be logged in add Favourites. On the Library, for your chosen track click the 3 dots under Options, then click Favourite. The track will be added to your Favourites.

    You can view, listen to and manage your favourite tracks in your account. Click My Account, then My Favourites. You can manage your list using the Sort by menu and Download All Previews using the button at the bottom of your list.

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