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  1. Show me how to use the FAQ page!

    We want you to enjoy using our site and finding your perfect tracks! We've kept everything straightforward - including our FAQs! Just click on a Category to open it, then click on the question you want to see.

    You can also use the Search box above. Just click in the box, type and click Search!

  2. What is 'Royalty-Free' music ... and does Oook really mean it?

    The short answer is ... Yes! Oook Audio tracks are genuinely royalty free - and we mean every version of every track! You don't need to check the small print to see if you need to fill in cue sheets ... or sort out which tracks were pre-registered with a performing rights organisation. You just choose the licence you need for your intended project, pay once and download. Royalty-free music really is that simple with Oook! 

  3. What do you mean by 'curated' and what do I get when I purchase a track?

    'Curated' means that every version of every track is selected, checked and approved by us before it reaches you get consistently high quality music that's designed for media use.  It also means you know what to expect in our great-value track packages! Most of our tracks have a full set of versions comprising: full-length main, underscore and alternative versions plus timed 60s, 30s, 15s and sting versions. This gives you lots of options for your project and a ready-made selection that works beautifully together.

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