The stories behind what we do and why

Our passion is bringing your projects to life with the perfect track. Here, we open up a bit more on what goes on behind the boards.


  1. The Launch of Something Big!

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    The Launch of Something Big!

    It isn’t every day you’re invited to be the start of something new in cycling, to share the excitement, the pressure and (let’s face it) the sheer giddiness of the launch event. But when you are, you grab that opportunity with both hands.

  2. What’s in a Name?

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    What’s in a Name?

    One of the things I enjoy most about life at Oook Audio is the amount of time I get to spend out and about. I’m meeting new business contacts most days and finding more about their work. It’s energising and pretty fascinating stuff too!

  3. How did I get here?

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    How did I get here?

    One of the things I hear most often when I’m out and about, meeting new business contacts is “you know, I’ve never met anyone who does that before!” At first, I wasn’t quite sure how to answer. I’ve had moments when I’ve wondered if I’m actually a Dodo or some other extinct creature, it seems so implausible that I exist at all. Or maybe I’m more like an endangered species who hides in under a rock and avoids networking events…?

  4. Capturing the Decisive Moment

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    Capturing the Decisive Moment

    Veteran news photographer Don McCullin picked up a knighthood in the New Year’s honours list of 2016. At the time the 81-year-old vowed to continue with his work until he “can’t press that button any more”. The year before, he was the star of a brilliant little film made by Canon.