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Our Licences

Every licence gives you a package of great full-length and timed versions, including various alternative mixes. One simple payment and the choice is yours...


Use your tracks as many times as you want, on as many projects as you want! For online and non-commercially distributed projects, including apps and games.


For commercially-distributed, single projects including national TV and radio. You can transfer this licence to your client.


For more flexibility or larger projects we can tailor a licence to your needs: including multiple tracks in commercial projects and extending the range of your Everyday or Pro licence.

About Oook Audio


All our hand-picked tracks are exclusive to Oook Audio, so you won't find our great music on other sites. We're composers and great music is what we're all about.


Whether you want to download a test track before you buy or create multiple playlists , we make it easy for you to choose, then offer you clear and simple licencing.


Choosing music should be fun. We're a cheerful bunch at Oook Audio and we want you to find your perfect tracks, no fuss, no problems. Get in touch if you need any help.

Are you a composer?

Would you like to write for our transparent, forward thinking, fresh new library? If you think you have the right skills and you'd like us to consider your work, then click to Apply Now, with a link to your music and we'll take a listen and get back to you!

Here to help

If you've got something in mind or need something a little different - whether it's a bespoke package or an extended licence, get in contact - we'll be happy to help!

Testimonials and partnerships

I’m so glad to be a part of the Oook family: unlike a lot of other libraries out there you don’t have to worry that your great tracks will get buried. They’re extremely competent and helpful but humour runs just beneath the surface of professionalism. So come join us and send us your best tracks!

Michele Vanni